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A Great Fit Every Time

Shouldn’t you spend your day in a bra that fits, and fits great?
A bra that’s correctly fitted will make you feel and look better. Wearing a correctly sized band and cup can make a huge difference in not only your appearance, but your overall comfort.

A Bra for Every Size

A bra that’s correctly fitted will make you feel and look better. Our extensive in-stock selection ensures that our staff can find the RIGHT bra for you. Whether you need something on the larger side, on the smaller side, or something in between we are sure to have several for you to chose from, The selection ranges from a band size of 30 all the way up to 56. The same goes for cup sizes from a AA through to an H, I, J, K, L, M and even N.

A Professional Fitting

The difference we provide is experienced product experts and over 25 years of fitting experience. We’ll recommend the right bra, one that fits comfortably, provides great support, and suits your body perfectly. Each manufacturer may have a slightly different fit, so actually trying on various bras, having them professionally adjusted, and being able to wear it home is the Pink Tree Specialty.
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